Speak With Confidence – How Do You Open Your Speech?

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When you lack confidence in your ability to speak with confidence it is too easy to start with an apology or with “Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking…” Don’t, they get you off on the wrong foot with the audience. The audience will wonder why they bothered turn up and there are plenty of intereting way to start and get your audience’s attention.

Here are 5 interesting ways to get your audience’s attention:

1. A question which causes an audience to think. People become alert when they are asked to alert. Even a sleep member of the audience will sit up and pay attention when they are asked a question.

2. Start with a quotation.  A relevant quotation gets you off to a good start. It is an effective beginning because people will think you are knowledgeable in your topic.

3. A topical opening. You begin by referencing that has happened in the recent past.

4. Start with a story. Everyone likes a good story – it does not neccessarily have to be a funny one but it does have to be an interesting one.

5. Start with a fact stated in an interesting way. This gets you started straightaway into your speech.  For example, for a speech to a bird protection society “Oil is a killer and a very painful death it brings. It is estimated that twenty-six thousand birds at least died in agony along this part of the coast last year because of it, and we know that this can be avoided.”

The way you choose to open your speech will depend on the circumstances and your own style. Try a variety of openings to build up your repertoire and experience.It is this way that will give you the ability to speak with confidence.

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