Speak With Confidence – How To Develop Self-Confidence

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To be able to speak with confidence it is important to be confident in your ability to speak in public. Developing self-confidence in public speaking is developed in the same way that confidence is developed in any human activity.

Self-confidence comes as a natural consequence of careful preparation. Any normal person can become a successful public speaker if he allows himself to be natural and if he observes certain cardinal canons. Of course he becomes better by working at it, but many talents are lost to the world for want of courage. The woods would have little music if no birds sang except those that sang best.
No instruction equals the simple procedure of employing every opportunity to speak publicly. More than any other human activity, this is learned by doing and improved by practice.

The way to develop self-confidence in public speaking is simply by speaking in public.

The first public speaking lesson just as the first swimming lesson requires gathering up enough confidence to try. A library of literature on swimming techniques about the breaststroke, Australian crawl, or diving as the experts do it, is without meaning until the beginner shakes off his shakes. Until the swimmer (or speaker) discovers that what he fears is not the water (or the audience) but him¬self, he is lacking in confidence and further effort is a waste of time.

It is that initial action of getting “in the water” that opens up the bud of confidence and with the proper care and time will bloom in to being able to speak with confidence in public speaking to groups of any size.

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