Speak With Confidence – How’s Your Personality?

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When you are able to speak with confidence your delivery style will be naturally and reflect your personality.

Although your delivery should be natural, like many things in nature, it is capable of being bettered. Just as the natural beauty of a tree may be improved by trimming its bad branches, so also your natural style of delivery may be improved by eliminating bad habits and propping up the good ones. Thus you prime your personality.

To say that successful public speaking means “doing what comes naturally,” and then suggesting “improvement” may sound inconsistent, but the suggestion isn’t as bad as it sounds.

A San Franciscan took a poke at a member of the “hep” set when his behavior became obnoxious. When the beat­nik surprisingly bounced back with a right to the jaw and floored him, the display of “guts” in that offbeat character toughened our friend’s temperament. Now beatnik be­havior no longer bothers him, and by being more tolerant of his fellow men he’s doing what comes naturally. He’s learn­ing to live and to let live.

Improving your own personality comes naturally too, be­ cause all people of good breeding prefer to be inoffensive.

When they are made aware that slumping into a slouch is unbecoming, or that their tendency to talk too fast or think too slowly is irritating, they just naturally improve their personalities in these respects.

A speaker that is truly able to speak with confidence will review their stage perfomance to improve their “personality” to eliminate any mannerisms to be a more effective speaker.

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