Speak With Confidence – Knowledge Is Power

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Being able to speak with confidence is a problem for many people.  Confident public speaking  is something that is in the reach of most people.

One of the keys to confident speaking is to talk or present on a topic that you are interested and are knowledgeable about. By mastering your topic you can master your audience.

Proficient public speaking requires a thorough knowledge of your subject matter. Your perfectly pitched voice may be pleasing to the ear; you may be a master of delivery and have a fine command of the English language. Despite all these attributes your performance still might be a flop if you are not thoroughly conversant with your subject.

This lack of thorough subject knowledge is the rock that wrecks more public speakers’ ambitions than any other. Veterans of the hard roll and fruit cup circuit frequently pop up with a talk at the sight of a breadcrumb, but often their urge to be heard is hardly worthwhile because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Audiences are quick to sense it when your knowledge of your subject is superficial and your speech goes over like a lead balloon. Contrariwise, a person may not be considered a first-rate speaker and yet be much in popular demand because he is a recognized leader in his field and knows his subject thoroughly.

By knowing about your topic it is easier to speak with confidence. The knowledge you have on the topic gives you a rational reason to be confident. And in many cases you are merely expanding the private conversations you have had on the subject. Knowledge is power and it is that power that makes it easier to confidently speak.

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