Speak With Confidence – The Main Steps Of A Speech

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To speak with confidence is difficult for most people.  They suffer from nerves and public speaking anxiety. This is normal. They want to do their best. One of the keys to settling nerves and being asble to speak with confidence in public speaking is to be well prepared.

Once you have gathered your facts and decided on the type of speech you are to deliver, the next action is to develop a speech that will flow easily and holds attention from beginning to end. A speech is very much like a sale made by a salesman. The speaker sells the audience his ideas, and the salesman sells his goods. The good salesman keeps to a logical sequence when selling, and the good speaker does the same. The steps of the speech are:

Each of these steps will be dealt with in separate posts. Obviously, however, you must have a good opening to be followed immediately by some interesting point which will hold attention from the beginning. You don’t want the audience to sit back and wait for something to happen.
Having to create confidence may sound strange to you. All speakers need not use the step, although the majority would be wise not to take everything for granted. It often surprises some well-known people when they meet someone who has never heard of them —but more about that later.
The body of the speech is not one step only. It may be divided into several steps. In fact, you can divide it into as many steps as you have facts to present and time available.

To be well prepared does take some effort but the results are worth it. Being well prepared will mean you deliver a speech that benefits the audience and with that knowledge comes the ability to speak with confidence.

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  1. Preparation is certainly key. Here’s a technique used by one person.
    Ian, the main character in my book, had big time fears of public speaking. But in order to become a manager in Santa’s workshop he had to undergo some training which, of course, included a speech class. What to do? He asked Google and one of the suggestions was to mingle with the audience before an event whenever possible. In his case he helped Elise, a good friend and classmate, with some administrative duties before class. Going around the room and interfacing with other students made him feel like a host. It was a great confidence builder!
    All the best!
    Eric Dana Hansen
    Author of “IAN, CEO, North Pole”

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