Speak With Confidence – Use Conversation To Practice

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Public speaking is like private conversation with more people present. Private conversation can be used to help develop the ability to speak with confidence in public speaking. It will also help with conversation skills.

Two areas that will benefit are the ability to speak expressively and being more enthusiastic. Conversation is usually “safer” than public speaking and will give you the opportunity to be more confident in these skills before trying them out in public.

Vivid Speech

Each day there are  numerous opportunities to engage in public speaking because every conversation is, in a way, a speech. Why not make your everyday conversations vital, vivid, and realistic? When you speak with one person or to groups of people color your words and ideas so they will appeal to hearers’ natural senses. Make your word pictures so vivid an audience can feel, hear, and see them as clearly as a talking picture on the wall and you’ll be an interesting, persuasive speaker.


When you speak show enthusiasm for it is highly contagious and if you enjoy your subject and your audience, the audience will reflect the same feeling toward you and your subject. So in daily conversations,  or in any human relationship, give yourself completely, and you will find that the enthusiasm you give to others will be reflected back to you many fold.

The emotion of enthusiam will help any speaker be more convincing. Developing a more expressive way of speaking both in the words and how you use your voice will help you to be a more interesting speaker. Practicing during private conversation gives a more “secure” environment to develop the ability to speak with confidence and persuasiveness by trying out new things to expand the”comfort zone.”

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