Public Speaking is Not One of The Arts

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A strange start to my blog to say that speaking is not an art after calling my blog ’The Art of Great Speaking’. Let me explain….

Public speaking cannot be considered as a fine art. Its purpose is to convey ideas; not to put on a performance . You will lose your audience’s attention if your mind wanders from the ideas you hope to convey and you wonder if they are impressed by your platform appearance, studied gestures or polished delivery,  

Audiences are interested in the idea you came to convey not on your showmanship.If that idea offers a fresh approach or a well-considered opinion, you’ve hit pay dirt and got yourself a gusher; but if you give out only harangue and hurrah, you’ll rate as only another gasser.

There are techniques and skills anyone can develop that will improve the transmission of the ideas in speaking to group and individuals. It is these techniques and skills that support the delivery of ideas that are the art.  


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