Speaking To Persuade

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Do you think about the audience when you are preparing your speech?

The choice of content and its method of delivery should harmonize with the nature and desires of an audience. A speech on “Try Enthusiasm” for seniors in a care home, or for an audience of housewives, for instance, would likely vary tremendously from the one prepared for youthful driven entrepreneurs.
But always the basic principle is the very same. Dream tales, either genuine, true, or sensibly created are utilized. A vivid appeal is presented to the natural senses – feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling. Wanting and possessing could be added. Vibrant, actual, life-like pictures are cast in frames of audiences’ wants or desires. These images, although colored beautifully and made extremely attractive, are sensible. They don’t conflict with the logic which was presented in the conviction phase. They could and can occur.
“Wants awaken intellect,” said Wendell Phillips, 1 of America’s finest speakers. And whenever wants are stimulated naturally the mind is affected. A combination of both qualities is required for the most successful persuasion. Hardly ever will a human being act on a intellectual stimulus on it’s own. Instead he / she is likely to express, “Indeed, that’s a great concept. It really makes sense. I believe it.” But he will do simply nothing at all regarding it. Obviously ‘there are exceptions, nevertheless the majority of persons won’t take action unless they really feel as well as they think they should. But when a man or woman both feels and thinks he should act he normally will. Especially whenever he thinks and feels intensely.
Of course when stimulating desire the ethical speaker is truthful with his / her listeners, as he is when appealing to their intellects. A speaker that persuades individuals for unhealthy reasons is actually as guilty of criminal offense morally as a thief who forces someone at gun point. In any enterprise or profession integrity or dishonesty is always a decision. Regrettably, some speakers are deceitful. It appears, however, that any kind of success “won by means of deceitful, untruthful speaking must be the most sneaking, dishonorable action in the world. An unethical, deceitful speaker not only lies to his listeners, but he also lies to himself due to the fact he tries to make himself believe he is telling the truth.
Although a few modern speakers against the truth might be attempting to persuade by utilizing speech chicanery countless 1000′s of individuals are making use of persuasion every day to inspire, to teach, or to assist individuals help themselves. The former set deserves zero listeners. The second are most worthy of our support and motivation.

To summarize think about your audience and tailor your speech accordingly. Also make sure you speak for the right reasons – to help not hurt your listeners.

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