The Benefits Of Public Speaking Skills

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What difference would it make in your career if you had the ability and confidence to speak in front of a group?

Do you give presentations? Have you been asked to lead teams?

Strong public speaking skills are a key component of the business world, no matter what field you enter.

But what about the other benefits of developing your public speaking skills?

Increased confidence
Knowing that you can get up in front of other people and deliver a good speech builds your confidence. When you have a core of self-confidence, it overflows into other areas of your life, including

-job performance.

The more confident you become, the stronger speaker you become, which further builds your confidence, creating a positive cycle.

Broadened network
As a seasoned speaker, you will have the opportunity to meet and develop connections with individuals from various backgrounds. This can help you in

-career advancement
-increased income
-new opportunities.

Each person you meet brings something of value to the table. Use your speaking as a valid and powerful way to enlarge and strengthen your network.

New opportunities
Over time, with your broad network and advanced speaking skills, you will be presented with opportunities that might not have been offered to you otherwise. These may be opportunities for

-career changes
-financial gain

Whatever the opportunities, take the ones that make sense to you. And remember that your greatest opportunity is the chance to give back. Mentor another budding speaker. Join your local Toastmasters group.

Speaking skills are skills for life and for success.

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Mary Klaebel of Career Tools HQ uses her own experience to help others learn the skills they need to find work and excel on the job. She offers more in-depth information about public speaking here.

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