The Best Powerpoint Shortcuts You Can Use

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The Top 10 PowerPoint Shortcuts You Should Know

Author: David Tracy

In my opinion, there are 4 key contributing factors to building presentations with incredible speed and efficiency. These are:

  1. Practice.
  2. Having a robust inventory of slides and diagrams./li>
  3. Button shortcuts. This is why I still prefer 2003, because it reduces the extra step of toggling among ribbons.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts.

In this article, I will list the 10 keyboard shortcuts that I use most often and that are not immediately obvious. In other words, I won’t include any shortcuts that everyone knows (e.g. Page Up, Ctrl+C).

Alright, here they are, in no particular order.

  • Ctrl + arrow key Move objects pixel by pixel. You may notice, if you just select an object (e.g. shape, group, table) and hit the arrow key, the object will jump by a number of pixels.
  • Ctrl + [ Decrease font size.
  • Ctrl + ] And, likewise, increase font size.
  • Shift + F5 Go to presentation mode on current slide.
  • Shift + changing size of object Maintain ratio of object’s dimensions-i.e. a square will remain a square and not turn into a rectangle when you resize.
  • Ctrl + Shift + G Group objects together (in PowerPoint 2003).
  • Ctrl + Shift + H Ungroup a group objects (in PowerPoint 2003).
  • Ctrl + click object with mouse Creates a duplicate copy of the object.
  • Shift + changing length of line Ensures straightness of line.
  • Shift + Alt + right arrow Increase indent of a bullet one level deeper.

Here is an extra bonus. Useful shortcut number 11:

  • Ctrl + Shift + P Jump to the font size dropdown toolbar.

At the beginning of our discussion, I mentioned having a large inventory of created slides is instrumental in whipping together slides quickly. This, of course, takes time to collect and/or create such slides.

To speed things along, I have put together a Basic PowerPoint Toolkit, which you can freely download:

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