The Exceptional Presenter – How You Can Become One

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The Exceptional PresenterCan you can become an exceptional presenter? I believe anyone can that is truly serious can become one.  So does Timothy Koegel author of The Exceptional Presenter.

Timothy takes a wider view of presenting than just those situations where you are presenting in a formal occasion such as a keynote speech. His view is that we are always presenting whether we are one to one, small groups, leaving a voice mail. The book is for the average person.

Being able to an effective communicator is one of the skills that organizations are looking for and is the number one skill needed for career advancement in any field.

Below is a video that discusses the first 3 chapters of the book and gives a brief insight to how practical the book is to use.

The book is more than just a good read, it is like a workshop that gives you the information and exercises you can use to implement in becoming an exceptional presenter.

Exceptional Presenter Characteristics

To help Timothy Koegel uses an acronym – OPEN UP to provide the 6 steps to be an exceptional presenter

O – Organized,

P – Passionate,

E – Engaging

N- Natural

U – Understand

P – Practice

In summary, I think this is a book for anyone who is anxious when presenting and wants to calm those fears and improve their communications skills so they can give winning presentations whatever the occasion from public speaking to one to one situations such as asking for a pay rise.

You can get the book here – The Exceptional Presenter by Timothy Koegel

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