The Key To Persuasive Speaking

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You’ve filled your speech with facts, illustrations and anecdotes etc, but there is still one more thing to do to convince your audience to act.

After a speaker has given an audience enough illustrations, quotations, and facts to convince a moron or a Philadelphia lawyer that his ideas are reasonable and sensible, that they should be accepted, to persuade he must make his listeners want to act upon his ideas. He should stimulate desire for the plan he has offered.
Hearts as well as minds must be won. But the method is somewhat different.
Perhaps the best way to stimulate desire is to picture the joy, comfort, security, satisfaction, or any other great benefit which will come as a result of doing the very things a speaker proposes. Desire is usually stimulated when a speaker looks in¬to the near future and paints vivid pictures of satisfaction. These pictures must, of course, be believeable but they should be painted brightly and with much positive spirit. They are most effective when listeners can actually feel in spirit, along with the speaker, the events happening.
Here, for example, is some “desire” from a speech called
Try Enthusiasm. It was prepared for an audience of young am¬bitious businessmen:
When you were unenthusiastic you’d creep out of bed hi the morning with a face like a dark cloud, frown your way to the window, peek around the shade and groan, “Good Lordl — morning.”
But you have become enthusiastic! You jump out of bed as if it were on fire, hustle to the window, throw up the shade, grin from ear to ear, pound your chest like Tarzan and shout, “Good morning, Lord!”
You whistle your way into the bathroom, sing in the tub, and grin at the big lug in the mirror.
You smell the bacon sizzling and the coffee perking. Mmmm, good! You know your sweet little wife is on the job.
Your voice is loaded with good cheer when you call, “Good morning, Dear! How are you?”
She may be too shocked to answer. But you don’t mind. You hum as you reach for the after shaving lotion.
This is not like the old you. Your wife, wide-eyed, peeks in the door and looks suspiciously. But she sees only a bottle of shaving lotion.
Your smile is about a foot wide and your voice is like bells as you say, “Are you looking forward to a good day, Honey? Gee, it’s great to be alive, isn’t it?”
The steaming coffee and prize bacon is waiting.
“Darling, this bacon is just right!” you exclaim. “I told the boys at the office yesterday what a wonderful cook you are. Here, have some toast!”
Yes, you are Mr. Enthusiasm, himself.
It’s time for you to go to work, so you kiss the little woman good-by. You see a new light in her eyes. Her arms cling tighter. And her kiss now, instead of being a dutiful wifely peck, is a lover’s good-by. Mmmmmm!
You walk as if you own the town, and you grab more than your share of God’s good air.
At the elevator you call to the boy, “Hi, Charley!” And you beam, while you work.
You know people are saying, “What’s come over the guy?”
But you don’t mind, because you know. You’ve simply be¬come enthusiastic about living and you don’t care who knows it.
A few weeks pass. And the Big Boss calls you into his office. He’s almost smiling.
“A raise? For me? Oh, boy!”
You hustle home and whisper the good news into your little wife’s pretty ear.
“Oh, Mr. Wonderful!” she cries. And we’ll have to censor that kiss.
That evening you take the family out again for dinner.
A few days later you drive home in a big new car. You toot the horn and the family rushes out.
“Why, what’s this?” falters your wife.
“Our new car!”    ’
“But Dear, do you think we can afford it?”
“Afford it, Honey?. This is just a beginning!”
You  are sure because you feel and know the power of real ‘ enthusiasm. Yes, Mr. Wonderful, you know because your nature is charged with the dynamite of enthusiasm.
This approach, for a casual reader or for someone who had not heard the preceding material of that speech, may seem to be too extreme but it was well-suited and effective for the young businessmen.

Let me know what you think about this? Do you think hearts do indeed need to be won?

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