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Public speaking training programs are very useful to many people. The fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, is thought to affect as much as 75% of the population. Symptoms include intense anxiety, physical distress, nausea, or even panic. Oftentimes people would rather excuse themselves from the event than be forced to speak in public. When the speaking engagement is unavoidable, people tend to become extremely nervous and inject the words “umm” or “ahh” into their sentences, and speak with a quivering voice or stutter.

Despite this, public speaking is widely regarded as one of the tools necessary for success. Public speaking books are bestsellers in the self-help category, but public speaking training programs are more helpful in teaching people to overcome their fear of addressing a crowd. Effective public speakers employ oratory, emphatic gestures, voice control techniques, and sometimes humor to impart a message onto the audience and influence the way they feel and think. President Obama is a perfect example of how influential a good public speaker can be.

Training programs usually focus on presentation and communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. They analyze how the person moves and talks, as well as the aura he/she is projecting. Confidence is a key to effective public speaking, as well as the ability to articulate the message concisely. By improving on their public speaking skills, people are one step closer to professional and personal success. Public speaking training programs help people get the message across, whether it’s to a small group of five people or a crowd of 5,000.

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