Using Visual Aids And Graphics In Public Speaking

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We all know that a picture is worth 1000 words.But, do we really convert a picture into 1000 words? Do we pick up the right picture that equals this number of words? Studies conducted all over the world show that integrating visual aids into presentations can dramatically enhance the effectiveness and the efficiency of a given presentation by up to 50%. So you can see the unfair advantage that a presenter who uses visual aids over the one who does not. Massive difference, right? With all that being said, we must bring into the table the fact that most of today’s presenters misuse these graphics; therefore, screw everything up and consequently, instead of boosting up their presentation’s effectiveness, they reduce it to the nadir, by getting less or no impact on the audience.

The above reason brings us to what this little article is written for? Simply put, to help get the most out of your presentation using visual aids as the experts in this game do. So the followings are some tips that if put into practice can produce the desired outcomes.

-Create visuals that help them understand better what you utter. What you say should align what is in the graphics.

-Make sure that each visual communicates only one idea. Do not puzzle them with too much ideas conveyed within one graphic.

-Choose the best visuals that suit your audience, objectives and environment. Too many complications won’t serve your expectations.

-Bear in mind that the most important element in the presentation is YOU. Do not let the graphics to take the focus away foam you. They may be the most important tools, but what you say must be more important than your tools.

-And finally, make sure that your visuals are working before you enter the presentation room.Otherwise; you know what going to happen.

In summary, The are just aids. no more, no less.undoubtedly,good visuals are able to determine the final results of your presentation.So,use them smartly. And remember, visuals are to add, not to block, communication. SIMON GARMAH is an executive Communications Consultant and Coach. He is president of Lifestyles Communications, Inc. which helps individuals communicate in the new global and virtual world. His fear public speaking blog.So take the first step toward conquering your fear of public speaking

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