What Did Jack Do?

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In the previous post Jack had seen a man in a tree and was thinking about how he could start his speech about humor.  On with the story……

What shall it be? A Pat and Mike joke? No. Chances are most of the students would have heard it already. They’re pretty sharp.
“I know! A personal experience. That’ll be different. Or will it? Depends upon what it is, I suppose. Shall I tell about how much I always laugh at all the professors’ thrice-told jokes and still get C’s in their courses? No. That might get a laugh on me, but it is not directly related to my subject. Besides I think I can find a more interesting beginning.”
Risking the wear and tear on his brain, Jack kept thinking of the few personal experiences he had had in relation to humor. Finally he came up with this true story:
One day last summer when I was riding on a city bus the driver had to stop suddenly to keep from smashing a loose taxi.
Scr-r-r-eech went the brakes. And before you could say “Blue goose!” an old man with thin white hair was sitting in-my lap as squarely as if you’d placed him there. He had been standing, but the sudden stop had swept him completely off his feet.
“Oh, young man’ he whined. “I’m so sorry.”
“I’m sorry, too, that you couldn’t have been a gorgeous blonde,” I said. “But it’s all right. You’re not hurt are you?”
“Oh, no.” By that time he was off my lap.
Nobody was hurt, and the incident struck me as being so ridiculous it was funny. So I gave the old man a big popsicle grin.
But other people on the bus looked as if they had swallowed their popsicles — especially one slender red haired woman of uncertain age who stood near the front. She looked down at the driver as though she could gladly chew up his chauffeur’s license and spit it out at his feet. But the poor driver couldn’t help what had happened.
About two blocks later Miss Redhead left the bus, but as she did so she glared back at the driver and said, “You ought to be a cowboy instead of a bus driver!”
Do you know what Red needed? A little oil on her funny bone.

Stories and anecdotes are a great way to start any form of speaking especially personal stories  and are relevant to the topic of your speech. Let me know what you thought.

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